Vintage Sylvester Stallone Feature Magazine (1979)


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Vintage January, 1979 premier issue of Crawdaddy’s Feature magazine, with a sexy Sylvester Stallone gracing the cover.

The article, “Mind Over Muscle” includes several black-and-white photographs as well as a really cool transcript of Sly’s results from a psychological test administered in 1961 by the ‘Vocational Guidance Clinic’ in Philadelphia. The result? This kid should “consider training dealing with the operation of business machines such as tabulator, sorter, etc.” with a second possibility of becoming an electrician.

In addition to the black and white photos, the article features a handsome full-color, full-page portrait of Sly wearing only a denim vest.

Interestingly, the fantastic interview includes a quote from Stallone which smacks of Rocky Balboa’s speech to Adonis Creed in the mirror of Mickey’s gym: “I’m in a deathlock competition with myself. I wake up every morning and say, ‘The man to beat today is you.'”

Magazine is in good condition, some wear to the edges.

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