Vintage Screen Accurate Prop-Twin, Boxing Magazine from Rocky’s Apartment


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This item is a “Prop-Twin”, meaning that it is identical to a movie prop, but is not the actual screen-used item.

This vintage March, 1972 issue of International Boxing Magazine features a classic shot of Rocky Balboa’s namesake, the legendary champ Rocky Marciano on the cover.

In the original “Rocky”, Rocky Balboa’s Philadelphia apartment is decorated with several boxing-themed items, one of which is this magazine cover which Rocky has pinned to the wall of his apartment. It is most visible in the scene in which he kisses Adrian for the first time.

Interestingly, this magazine gives us some insight into the production of the original “Rocky”, created on a shoestring budget. All of the boxing images tacked to the set of Rocky’s apartment are images clipped from the same issue of this magazine; a portion of the feature article on Marciano vs. Frazier; a fight photo of Gene Fullmer and Dick Tiger; a beaten Armando Muniz sitting in his corner

The feature article, entitled “Rocky Marciano vs. Joe Frazier: Who Would Win?” is an early take on the computer fight between Rocky Balboa and Mason “The Line” Dixon in 2006’s “Rocky Balboa”, which was inspired by the real-life fantasy bout between an aging Marciano and Muhammad Ali in 1970’s “Super Fight.”

66-page magazine is in good condition with general wear overall, some slight creasing to the cover, and a clipped lower-right corner of the cover.

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