Vintage “Rocky-ing to Fame” Talia Shire Magazine (1977)


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This issue is very hard to find!

Vintage March, 1977 issue of Italian-American Identity magazine features a gorgeous portrait of Talia Shire on the cover, with the lead story entitled: “Talia Coppola Shire: Rocky-ing to Fame”. This issue was released just after the success of the original “Rocky”.

Talia gets a great spread with several black-and-white photos, some from “Rocky” and “The Godfather”, and some rare personal photos of Tally with her famous family, including brother Francis Ford Coppola and father Carmine Coppola.

She says of her role as Adrian, “I didn’t think [Rocky] would be this successful, but I certainly knew it was wonderful when I read it. On the fifth or sixth page, I thought: This is a very talented writer – this is really good.”

The spread features a terrific interview with lots of information about her Italian heritage, her family, marriage and film career.

Magazine has 80 pages and is in very good condition.

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