Vintage “Rocky II” Novel by Sylvester Stallone (1979)


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Vintage 1979 paperback edition of the novelization of “Rocky II”, written Sylvester Stallone.

The “Rocky” series novels, which borrow heavily from the production-used scripts from the movies, offer some cool insights into scenes that ultimately did not make the final cut.

“Rocky II”, written by Sylvester Stallone, is different from the rest in that the entire novel is written from Rocky Balboa’s perspective, in his voice. This story includes some scenes and pieces of dialogue which do not actually appear in “Rocky II” itself, such as an exchange between Paulie and Adrian where they discuss whether it is a good idea for her to marry Rocky, with Paulie warning that “Ya an’ him don’t got the same kinda attic,” referencing their brains vs. brawn relationship. Fillin’ gaps.

This story also reveals how Rocky got his first pair of black-and-gold boxing trunks in the legendary Italian Stallion colors, the story of drinking and partying at Andy’s Bar after Rocky and Adrian’s wedding ceremony, a scene in the bar’s stinkin’ bathroom where Paulie tells Rocky he doesn’t have anything to prove by stepping into the ring with Apollo Creed for a rematch, even details on Rocky’s training for the fight with Mickey.

180-page paperback book is in good condition, slight wear to front and back covers.

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