Vintage Identical-Brand Rocky Balboa Black Leather Jacket


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This vintage 1970’s black leather jacket is nearly-identical to the style that Sylvester Stallone wore in on-screen in the original Rocky, Rocky II and Rocky V. Sly also wears a modern variation of this jacket in Creed II.

Made of black leather, this retro jacket is identical to the brand and age of the jacket Sly wears in “Rocky”. Stallone originally bought his leather jacket off the rack on the east coast during the 1970’s, and this brand is exactly the same.

Like the original jacket, this one features the two very recognizable angled pleats on the chest, as well as two side pockets and four buttons, plus a lapel button. It also features its original warm zippered lining, just like Rocky’s (you can actually see the lining in the jacket in the original movie when Adrian first visits Rocky’s apartment).

Despite being the same brand and era as the screen-worn version, this jacket differs from the original jacket in two small details: the screen-worn jacket features triple stitching on the lapels; this jacket has double-stitching. The screen-worn jacket features a slightly different style lapel-button (the one that hides beneath the lapel when laying flat).

Stallone auctioned the original jacket used in Rocky in 2015 for $149,000.


This jacket is in very good condition. Size is a LARGE (size 44 according to the tag), and would fit someone of Rocky’s physique in 1976. In fact – when trying on the original jacket in preparation for his 2015 auction of memorabilia, Stallone actually mentioned the fact that the jacket “was always kinda short, nothing ever fit this poor guy.”

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