Sylvester Stallone Instone Abs / Core Workout DVD


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LifeChange Series Volume 1

DVD featuring Sylvester Stallone’s core workout along with personal trainer Gunnar Peterson, produced by Sly’s company, INSTONE, around 2005.

“If you’d like to gain access to Sylvester Stallone’s 30-years of personal exercise and nutrition tips, learn the time tested techniques for building rock hard abs and get clear cut answers on supplements that work, this is it. This easy to use, inspirational and educational DVD can help anyone immediately overcome the obstacle of confusion and gain control of the important issues that really count.”

Here’s a preview of what you learn in the LifeChange Series DVD:

  • Inspirational video footage that will have you heading to the gym, focused on your fitness goals with razor-like precision
  • Full details of the 6-absolute best abdominal exercises, so you can obtain that elusive six-pack midsection, for the last time
  • Information on 3 Instone brand supplements (discontinued)

DVD disc is in good condition, includes original mini-leaflet and card case. The video is approximately 12 minutes long.

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