Vintage 1979 ROCKY II Triple-Artwork One Stop Poster HUGE SIZE!


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This vintage theatrical One Stop poster was used to advertise the original release of ROCKY II in countries outside the United States.

The poster is huge and is a very interesting design showing two variations of the ROCKY II movie poster, along with a complete set of the movie’s lobby cards, all printed on the same massive sheet of paper.

Note that the right one-third of the poster has great full-color artwork of Rocky and Apollo in the ring, an image that does not appear on any of the regular U.S. one-sheets for this movie. Many people have purchased this poster and then trimmed off the right one-third, and framed that portion alone, because it makes for a fantastic display, and it measures very close to a one-sheet!

Back of the poster is stamped “ENGLISH” and was intended for use by English speaking audiences in countries outside the U.S. (there would also have been a poster stamped “SPANISH” that was intended for non-English speaking audiences in countries outside the U.S.).

Poster is in very good condition. It is folded and is a “One Stop” poster measuring 47″ x 76 1/2″ [119 x 194 cm].

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