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Rocky V Motion Picture Soundtrack

Kick it old school with Rocky V’s rap and hip-hop soundtrack album featuring songs by Elton John and Joey B. Ellis. This 15th Anniversary Edition of the CD features some additional songs not present on the original album, including two by M.C. Hammer.

Track Listing:

That’s What I Said
by M.C. Hammer

All You Gotta Do Is Sing
by Joey B. Ellis

No Competition
by MC Tab

Go For It (Heart and Fire)
by Joey B. Ellis & Tynetta Hare

Take You Back (Home Sweet Home)
by The 7A3

The Measure of a Man
by Elton John

Can’t Stop the Fire
by Bill Conti

Thought U Were the One For Me
by Joey B. Ellis

I Wanna Rock
by Rob Base

Keep It Up
by Snap

Feel My Power
by M.C. Hammer

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