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Rocky Balboa’s Vintage Ball


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This vintage handball produced in the early 1960’s is identical to the black rubber ball that Sylvester Stallone memorably plays with in several of the Rocky films, as well as in Creed and Creed II.

Rocky’s original ball (the one used by Sly on-screen) was sold for $32,500 Stallone’s 2016 auction of Rocky memorabilia.

The ball offered for sale here is unmarked and lacks the printed text which appeared on Stallone’s screen-used ball, but is otherwise identical.

Stallone memorably uses the handball in Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky V, Creed and Creed II. Rocky actually explained the use of the ball to Lil’ Marie’s son Steps in a deleted scene in Rocky Balboa, saying:

“I think workin’ hard makes your head strong. You know like, when I was a kid, I’d stare up at these street lights for like 30 minutes and try not to blink. Or I’d be squeezin’ a ball until I thought my hand was gonna explode. I was teachin’ myself to be uncomfortable – cause I knew bein’ uncomfortable might come in handy someday like when I was in the ring and such.”

Sly also explained some history on the ball to Heritage Auctions: “This ball was very symbolic in Rocky’s life. It’s the only thing that he really had that would take his mind off of his problems. He’d be bouncin’ the ball, almost in a meditative state, so it became part of his persona. And they don’t even make these kind of balls anymore – they’re impossible to find today, so it’s a piece of history now.”

Read the entire backstory on Rocky’s black rubber ball here.

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