Rare! “Training Rocky” Bodybuilding Book by Franco Columbu, Sylvester Stallone’s Trainer


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This self-published booklet was written by Sylvester Stallone’s longtime personal trainer, bodybuilder Franco Columbu. Columbu was responsible for helping to transform Sylvester Stallone’s body into both Rocky Balboa and John Rambo, even receiving screen credit for his work at the end of the films.

The book describes Columbu’s various training methods for various parts of the body, based on the amazing results that the hard-working Stallone achieved. It also provides body weights and body measurements of Sly’s physique as seen in each “Rocky” movie.

Included are Stallone’s day-to-day meal plans and workout routines training specific parts of the body for a hard, muscular look.

Fully illustrated with very rare black and white photos of Stallone and his trainer working out, lifting weights and showing off Sly’s new muscles, the book is a treasure trove of great information about Stallone’s fitness regimen. As a short-run publication, “Training Rocky” wasn’t produced with the same level of quality or clarity as other books, so the photos especially are of poor quality, but still very cool to see Sly’s body morphing between Rocky and Rambo.

Published by Historic Muscle Productions, 2018. Softcover “Enhanced Version”.

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