Creed Original Motion Picture Score

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Composer Ludwig Göransson’s masterpiece score features Adonis Creed’s powerful theme, plus subtle notes of Rocky and Adrian’s love theme.

Track Listing:

1 Juvy
2 Adonis
3 Meeting Rocky
4 Conlan (Redemption)
5 Grip (Interlude)
6 First Date
7 Moving In With Rocky
8 Breathe (Interlude)
9 Front Street Gym
10 The Sporino Fight
11 Shed You (Interlude)
12 I Got You
13 Rocky Is Sick
14 Caught In The Shadow
15 If I Fight, You Fight (Training Montage)
16 Boxing Shorts
17 Conlan Fight
18 You’re A Creed
19 You Can See The Whole Town From Here
20 End Credits – Creed
21 Creed Suite

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